Training Methods


Our online learning allows students to access short (ten minute maximum) interactive audio visual lessons (or “nuggets”), to participate in quizzes, and to review specimen clauses. This format allows delegates to undertake the topics of most interest to them, in their own workplace, in as much depth as they require. It also allows them to plan their learning around their other work commitments and to use the material as a reminder of key issues on a topic as and when that topic arises in their day to day work. Some of the nuggets are available to download onto an ipod so that delegates can use them at any time, even while commuting to work.

In addition, our study courses direct students to additional reading and allow students to ask questions of the expert tutor via the internet, to undertake assignments and receive feedback from our expert trainers. This format allows students to benefit from the assistance of experts and other students around the globe. The study courses are run on a set timetable, giving students a structured programme to progress through the materials. There is also a "Key Facts" option for the study courses allowing speedier progress through the study course for those requiring less detail.


All our courses are written by, or in collaboration with, Sue Wright and benefit from her extensive experience in international finance and in teaching. See “about us” for more information. The study courses are also monitored and assessed by expert practitioners as described in the home page for each study course


Each study course consists of
Audio visual lessons (or “nuggets”) each of no longer than ten minutes in length
The script for the nuggets (allowing the students to follow the script at the same time as watching and listening to the presentation)
Reference material as referred to in the nugget (for example, nuggets relating to clauses of an agreement will include specimen text of the relevant clauses)
Quizzes relating to the subject matter of each nugget

Answers (and explanations of the answers) to the quizzes will be provided on request .

Reading materials (compulsory for those who elect to do the In Depth version of the course)
Discussion forum for asking questions
At least one compulsory assignment
  Weekly quizzes appropriate to the version of the course which the delegate has elected to follow. The quizzes for the "Key Facts" version of the course must be passed with a score of at least 70% and only include questions which can be answered from doing the nuggets. The quizzes for the In Depth version must be passed with a score of at least 80% and require participants to have done the background reading


The nuggets which form the core of the materials give delegates the opportunity to watch, listen to, and follow the text of, a concise explanation of the key points relating to a given topic, while cross referring, as appropriate, to the text of specimen wording for the clause or topic under discussion. Many of the nuggets include questions for the delegate to consider as they proceed through the nugget and links to external material. Delegates will also be able to take part in a quiz to test their understanding of that topic and to review answers to the quiz, with explanations. On a study course, students will be referred to further reading which expands on the given topic. They will also take part in a compulsory assignment which will be assessed by the course tutor and will have the opportunity to discuss questions with other students and the course tutor in the forum.