Time Constraints

There are no specified times at which delegates need to be available to undertake the courses and these may be fitted in around the delegates’ own schedules.

In the study courses however, delegates will be expected to complete a quiz for each stage of the course and to submit their assignment on time. Students who elect to do the in depth study course will need to be able to allocate at least 30 hours to the course over a period of weeks agreed with delegates in advance. Students choosing the "Key Facts" route through the study course can expect to need at least 15 hours to allocate to the course over the agreed period. The course tutor will monitor participants' progress in completing the quizzes and assignment. In some cases the participants' employer may have asked to be kept advised of any falling behind in the schedule and in these cases, tardiness will be advised accordingly.  Fees are not refundable.

Participants in study courses will only be issued with a certificate of successful completion of the course if they complete all quizzes and assignments within the period of the study course and if they pass the quiz for each stage. The pass rate for the key facts quizzes is 70% and the pass rate for the in depth quizzes is 80%