Secured Loan Documentation Study Course


Target Audience

This course is designed for bankers and lawyers and anyone else who is involved in international finance and who needs to understand secured loan documentation. It is intended to be a practical guide and is designed to deal with the more practical issues first, as part of the Key Facts Route, which is ideal for bankers, leaving the more legal issues to the end as far as possible, forming part of the In Depth Route, which will be more appropriate for lawyers. This enables the course to be

  • accessible to non lawyers who need to understand the commercial and practical aspects of the subject,
  • useful for English lawyers needing to find out more about the issues which arise when taking security internationally and
  • useful for non English lawyers wanting to understand English law on the subject


This course is designed to help those involved in international secured loan transactions

  • to understand the transaction and documentation structure,
  • to know what the commercially important issues are, both in the loan agreement and the security documents, and to know where to look for them in the documents
  • to understand those areas of English law on security which have commercial implications for lenders and
  • to be aware of the questions which need to be asked in different countries when putting a security package together or thinking about the value of a security package.

By completing the in depth route participants should also have a thorough understanding of English law relevant in these areas and of the conflict of law issues which arise in international transactions

Time Requirement

The key facts route involves around 10 to 15 hours work over an agreed period of weeks (ideally 3 weeks). This route covers those essential topics which non lawyers need to be aware of when dealing with secured loan documentation and consists of stages 1 to 3 of the curriculum set out below

The in depth route is designed for lawyers and for those bankers who want a deeper understanding of the issues, processes and risks. This route involves around 30 to 40 hours work over an agreed period (ideally 4 weeks). This involves background reading as well as the full curriculum set out below.

Delegates can decide as they progress through the materials how much depth they want to go into and move from one route to another as they wish. There are different quizzes depending on which route is followed and delegates will be awarded the appropriate certificate depending on which set of quizzes they completed successfully.


The materials consist of short interactive videos, quizzes and a forum for discussions. Delegates will be required to post a satisfactory report and question in the forum (and feedback on each of these will be given by the course tutor) as well as passing the quizzes in order to be eligible for a certificate.

The course materials available online are self contained and no other materials are required in order to complete the Key Facts route through the study course.

Delegates who wish to undertake the in depth route through the course will need to have a copy of the book “Law and Practice of International Finance University Edition” by Philip Wood, to be able to participate, as this will be a necessary part of the course materials. The other course materials can be accessed by those registered on the study course, from the link headed "Course Materials" on the side panel next to this window.

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