Training Managers

You will find information about our training methodology, tutors, and the different courses available, in the appropriate sections of this website under the heading "about our training" and in the Frequently asked questions section. This section focusses on issues of particular relevance to those who are responsible for organising training within an organisation


Using our e - learning offers significant advantages of cost and efficiency over traditional training and also allows “just in time” learning so that your personnel are able to take the courses at the best time for them, without having to wait for the next scheduled face to face course. The main advantages are

  • flexibility in time and location. Participants can undertake the study at times most convenient and appropriate to them and do not have to travel to the venue
  • flexibility in content. Participants can spend more time on the topics which they find most difficult, without having to spend time dealing with topics on which they are already familiar
  • flexibility in pace. If a participant finds a particular comment hard to follow, they can pause the nugget while they let it sink in, and repeat that section as necessary. Participants in a study course also have the ability to ask questions of the tutor in the forum if they need further clarification


The main disadvantage of e learning is that there is no face to face interaction and as a consequence, participants need a certain amount of discipline to work through the materials. The structured format of the study courses addresses this by requiring certain stages to be completed to deadlines. You can help in two ways.

  • Monitor progress
    Our experience shows that the degree of involvement of the organisation has a significant impact on the likelihood of delegates completing the course successfully. We have found that delegates whose employers monitor progress are significantly more likely to complete the study course successfully than those whose employers are not involved. To help with this, there is an option on the registration form for us to advise you of any problems with progress. If you choose this option we will only advise you of very serious problems (eg if the participant has failed to access any materials after two weeks of the course and has failed to get in touch with us).
  • Adjust the timetable if necessary

    The study course is best completed over a four week period so that participants keep up momentum. However we can organise different target timescales to suit your requirements. It is also possible to change the timing for individual delegates as necessary (eg to accommodate holidays or periods of heavy workloads)

  • Allow them time to take part
    Your delegates will require to spend a significant amount of time over a number of weeks to complete a study course. The actual amount of time depends on whether they choose to do the in depth course or to take the "Key Facts" route. The difference is that in the Key Facts route, the background reading is not compulsory and the quiz questions will be set accordingly. On average we expect delegates to take 30 to 40 hours over the duration of the course if they do the in depth course and 15 to 20 in the case of the "Key Facts" route. The pass rate for eligibility for a certificate is also higher in the in depth route (at 80% as against 70% for key facts). Delegates do not need to elect which version of the course to do at the start, and can move from one version to the other as they proceed through the course and discover which version most suits their needs and the time available. 



By visiting the study course area, you will be able to see the course outline for the study courses and the list of nuggets available in the course, together with descriptions of what those nuggets cover. You can try a sample of a nugget by using the link on the home page.

Further access requires a username and password. If you would like further access for the purpose of assessment, please get in touch by using the contact us tab or e mailing us using the contact us form



Special arrangements apply to group bookings (more than 5 participants). Please contact us for details