Frequently Asked Questions -- Study Courses

     Who are study courses aimed at?

All our e learning is aimed at bankers, lawyers and others who need to understand loan documentation. Most study courses will be useful for beginners, as well as for those with some practical experience, but who have not previously undertaken in depth study of the topic in question. Where any study course requires prior knowledge or expertise, that is stated in the description of the course Go to top of page

How do study courses work?

A study course consists of a structured programme which takes place at any time at your convenience and ideally lasts 4 to 6 weeks. During the course, participants will work through the subject on a formal, weekly basis. If delegates or course organisers prefer tohave the course organised over a different period that can also be arranged. Participants will be given a programme of nuggets to study, and an assignment to complete, as well as having the opportunity to ask questions and discuss issues with their tutor. Their progress will be monitored by the tutor, and they will be awarded a certificate at the end of the couse if it is successfully completed.

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How much time will I need?

If you choose to take the in depth version of a study course it should take between 30 and 40 hours spread over a the period of the course. If you choose to follow the "key facts" route, it should take between 15 and 20 hours over the same period. You do not have to elect at the start which version you would like to follow, and can move from one to the other as you discover which suits you best.

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What are the course materials?

The course materials consist of presentations, quizzes, compulsory reading (except in the case of the "key facts" route where the reading is background reading) and an assessed assignment.
Each presentation (or "nugget") included as part of a study course, is available both as a video with sound, which can be listened to on your computer, and also as text, which you can print off and read. Many of the nuggets also have reference material referred to in the nugget and which can be printed off. For example, the nugget on the cross default clause will refer to the text of a cross default clause, which will also be provided.

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Will I need to purchase additional books?

The materials for the Key Facts version of each study course are self contained and are all available to delegates on this website. If you wish to complete the in depth version of any study course, that requires background reading from one or more text books and you will need to have access to those text books.

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Who will teach the course?  

Each study course will be run by an experienced practitioner in the field, who will assess the students' assignments and respond to their queries. See the course details for the relevant study course for further information Go to top of page  

  Will I get feedback?  

Each study course includes at least one assignment, which the tutor will assess and give feedback on. Each nugget includes a quiz. The correct answers and reasoning will be supplied on request.  There are also quizzes on each stage of the course which delegates are required to pass (with a score of at least 70%, in the case of the key facts quizzes, or 80%, in the case of the in depth quizzes) in order to be eligible for a certificate of successful completion. Go to top of page  

  What is the difference between the quizzes for the stages of the course and the quizzes contained in the nuggets?

 The quizzes in the nuggets are designed to help you assess whether you have correctly understood the information in the nugget. There is no minimum grade requirement for these quizzes which will focus only on the information in the nugget. Answers to the quiz questions, and explanations of those answers, are available on request. The quiz for each stage of the course includes questions on all topics covered in the stage in question. There is a "Key Facts" quiz for those who are following the key facts route, which can be passed without doing the background reading. There is also an in depth quiz. for those undertaking the in depth course, including the reading from the text. In those quizzes, the questions are not limited to issues discussed in the nuggets but also include information which you will have obtained from the compulsory reading. Whichever set of quizzes you decide to take, they must all be passed in order to successfully complete the course and be issued with the relevant certificate. The pass rate for the key facts quizzes is 70% and for the in depth quizzes is 80%. The quizzes for the course stages will cease to be available at the end of the study course Go to top of page 

  Will I get a certificate?

A certificate will be posted to participants on successful completion of a study course. In order to qualify for a certificate, participants will be expected to have completed the compulsory assignment satisfactorily, to have submitted at least one relevant question or comment in the forum, and to have passed all relevant quizzes for the various stages of the course. The pass rate for the key facts quizzes is 70% and for the in depth quizzes it is 80%.  Whether an assignment has been successfully completed will be determined by the course tutor in their absolute discretion

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When is the next study course?  

You can start a study courses at any time at your convenience.   Go to top of page 

  Will the course materials be accessible after the end of the course?  

For those registered on a study course, the materials will remain accessible during the wrap up week after the end of the course Go to top of page  


How do I start?  

If you are registered to use a study course, make sure you have access to a copy of any text book required, as early as possible before starting the course, as these may take some time to come through. You will be issued with a username and password  before the course starts. You will then be able to go to the site to get familiar with its content and to prepare for the start of the course.  After you are registered and before your chosen start date for the course you will be able to access the introductory section for your study course and the detailed curriculum .  Go to top of page   

  Where can I find the nuggets?  

Each stage of the study course requires you to listen to a selection of nuggets explaining the various topics which you are studying in that stage. Those nuggets can be accessed direct from the instructions for that stage in the study course. From here, you can access the nugget you are interested in, by clicking on its description. That will open up a window, and, very soon, the first slide of the nugget will appear in that window. Once the video has finished loading, click on the play button to start the video (have your headphones or speakers turned on and ready). You will find the play and pause buttons for the nugget at the bottom of the window.  Go to top of page  


How do I print off materials?

From a study course you will find a link to a printable version of all the week's nuggets, and any other materials which they refer to, in the home page for the relevant stage of the study course. Go to top of page


I am registered on a study course but cannot access the materials?  

You will not be able to access the materials until we have received payment. Then, materials will become available for each stage on the Friday before the start of that stage. If you are unable to access materials at a time when they ought to be available to you, this is most likely to be a problem with your username or password. Have a look at the email confirmation of these which we sent you. If the ones you are using are correct, then contact us using the contact us form, with details of the problem. In the unlikely event that you still cannot access the materials, the texts and other instructions will be made available via email Go to top of page


What if I miss part of the course?

The instructions for each stage of the study course will be made available on the Friday before the start of that stage. If you know you are going to be unavailable for a particular stage, contact us using the contact us form and we can arrange to adjust your timing.   If you missed a period and were not able to plan in advance, you can catch up with the course later. The course materials will remain available during the wrap up week after the end of the course. Please note that we will be monitoring your progress, and your organisation may have requested to be advised if any participant falls behind. Go to top of page


What is the difference between the key facts route and the in depth route?

As the names imply, the key facts route is a less extensive course than the in depth route. Its aim is to provide participants with a good understanding of the key issues. The background reading which is compulsory in the in depth route is not compulsory in the key facts route and there are separate quizzes for the two routes. The key facts route involves a shorter time commitment and should take 15 to 20 hours rather than the 30 to 40 hours required for the in depth route.