Loan Agreement Study Course

Target Audience

This course is designed for bankers and lawyers and anyone else who is involved in international finance and needs to understand the documentation. It is useful for beginners, to give them a comprehensive review of the loan agreement and the issues it raises. It is also useful for those with practical experience but who have not previously had any in depth formal training on the agreement, to help them fill in the inevitable gaps in their knowledge and to give them a framework in which to consolidate their practical knowledge. The course uses a version of the investment grade Loan Market Association (LMA) loan agreement as the basis for discussions.


By the end of the course participants should

  • Understand the structure of the loan agreement (investment grade, unsecured) and the relationship between its various provisions
  • Be able to review a loan agreement for an investment grade borrower and identify key issues such as the scope of the agreement and,
  • if delegates have followed the in depth route they will also be aware of the importance of the detailed provisions of the loan agreement and be able to negotiate some of the points commonly raised on those provisions

Time Requirement

There are two options for taking this course. The first is the “Key Facts” route. This route involves around 10 to 15 hours work over an agreed period of weeks (ideally 4 weeks). This route covers those essential topics which participants need to be aware of when dealing with a loan transaction.  The second route is the "in depth" route which requires background reading in addition to the texts on the site. This route requires 30 to 40 hours work over an agreed period (ideally 5 weeks)

Delegates can decide as they progress through the materials how much depth they want to go into and move from one route to another as they wish. There are different quizzes depending on which route is followed and delegates will be awarded the appropriate certificate depending on which set of quizzes they completed successfully.


The materials consist of short interactive videos, quizzes and a forum for discussions. Delegates will be required to post a satisfactory report and question in the forum (and feedback on each of these will be given by the course tutor) as well as passing the quizzes in order to be eligible for a certificate

The course materials available online are self contained and no other materials are required in order to complete the Key Facts route through the study course.This route will give participants a good understanding of the key issues.

Delegates who wish to undertake the in depth route through the course will need to have a copy of the book “International Loan Documentation” by Sue Wright, to be able to participate, as this route involves background reading from the book. Following this route will give delegates a thorough understanding of the loan agreement

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