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There are three study courses on this site: one focusses on loan agreements using an unsecured loan; the second looks at secured lending; and the third deals with shipping finance. Each course is a flexible, thorough, practical study of its subject, written and moderated by Sue Wright, an English lawyer with a wealth of experience in international finance (for which she has been recommended as an expert by Legal 500 and Chambers) and in training, having been running very popular courses in these subjects for over fifteen years. Details of the curriculum for each course and more information about Sue's experience are available from the links to the courses below

Each course takes the form of a series of short interactive videos with quizzes which participants undertake at their convenience, combined with a forum for discussions with Sue. There is also suggested background reading for those who want to cover the subject in more depth 

Each course is ideally 4 - 6 weeks long but delegates wishing to undertake the course in a shorter, or longer, period, can be accommodated. Delegates choosing to do the in depth routes through the course will require a time commitment of 30 to 40 hours over the agreed period. It will involve study, compulsory reading, quizzes and an assessed assignment as well as the opportunity for discussions with Sue in the forum. Delegates will need to arrange to have access to the text book for the course before the course starts.

For users who are unable to commit this amount of time, or who are not looking for such in depth training, the "key facts" route to the study courses is ideal. This route requires a commitment of around 15 to 20 hours. The key facts route follows the same curriculum as the in depth route but there is no compulsory background  reading. This route is self contained with all materials available via the website.

With these courses, participants will benefit from the engaging and practical knowledge for which Sue Wright's face to face courses are renowned. Participants have the added advantages of the flexibility which the online format of the training provides in terms of

  • time and location - participants do not have to travel to the venue and can take part in the training at times most convenient to them
  • content - participants can focus on the parts of the course which are of most interest to them
  • pace - participants can repeat difficult sections as necessary, and pose questions to Sue in the forum if they have difficulties

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The Shipping Finance course is available at